Beyond Borders: 25 Years of International Networking in Alcohol, Tobacco,
and Other Drug Information

Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS)
25th Annual Conference, April 22 - 26, 2003
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The 25th Annual SALIS Conference was held at the Inter-Continental in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, hosted by Ruth Vaughn of the Nova Scotia Department of Health. The meeting featured invited speakers from various realms of the addictions and information fields: research, treatment, technology, and policy, including several members of SALIS.

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2003 program

Highlights of the program included:

  • Karen Palmer, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, FAS/FAE Information Services, "National FAS Information Service: Heading into Year Ten."
  • Christine Goodair, DrugScope, UK, "Opportunity or Threat: The Impact of the Internet and New Technology upon DrugScope's Information and Library Service."
  • Lynne Howarth, Faculty of Information Studies, U. Toronto, "Metadata Unplugged."
  • Michelle Rachal, Nevada Prevention Resource Center, "Getting the Right Results: Internet Search Engine Update."
  • Jorunn Moen, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS), "The Progress of the Elisad Gateway Project."

Slides from many of the presentations can be viewed by SALIS members in the Members Only section of this website. Find stories and reports from the conference in SALIS News 23(2), Summer 2003 also in the Members Only section.


Check the complete conference program for summaries and contact information for all of the presentations.


Then and Now ... 25 years later!

Photo: Ruth Vaughan in her Virtual Library

Plenary Session I Fetal Alcohol/Drug Exposure: Networks for Knowledge & Action

Research Update and Emerging Issues
Dr. Irena Nulman, Motherisk Program
     See and
     Journal of FAS International

Aboriginal Issues in Prevention

Sylvia Maracle, Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres, For a copy of the
     report Aboriginal Approaches to
     Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects, email OFIFC or

National FAS Information Service: Heading into Year Ten
Karen Palmer, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, FAS/FAE Information Service,
     National Database of FAS and Substance Use During
     Pregnancy Resources (

Plenary Session II Effective Health Communication: Principles and Applications. What Have we Learned over the Past 25 Years?

Larry Hershfield, The Health Communications Unit (THCU), Health Communications Unit, Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, -
     See Health Communication
     Go to Step 8 for a link to the Health Communication
     Message Review Criteria

Robert Denniston, National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, US Office of National Drug Control Policy
     Although Robert Denniston was unable to attend, we      reviewed some of the media messages from the
     ONDCP National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign

Interactive Workshop

Utilizing Interactive Activities in AOD Trainings: Exercises to get ‘em started, keeping ‘em on track, and get the AOD message across
Jan Wrolstad, Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC); University of Missouri-Kansas City

Plenary Session III Providing Information Services: Our Experiences and Challenges

Opportunity or Threat: The Impact of the Internet and New Technology upon DrugScope’s Information and Library Service
Christine Goodair, DrugScope

You Don’t Need Big Bucks to Provide an Information Service – The Evolution of a Library into an Electronic Resource Centre
Ruth Vaughan, Nova Scotia Department of Health

Serving our Hispanic/Latino Constituencies
Barbara Seitz de Martinez, Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Plenary Session IV Resource Discovery: Fine Tuning our Web Sites and Search Skills

Metadata Unplugged
Lynne Howarth, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Metadata in Action
Eric Helmuth, Join Together Check out the search engine!

Getting the Right Results: Internet Search Engine Update
Michelle Rachal, Nevada Presentation Resource Centre
     For a copy of Michelle’s useful Handout, Search Engine
     Tips, contact Michelle     

Exploring ETOH, the Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database
Anna Jiles-Bedenbough and Yoko Nagasaka, CSR, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Plenary Session VI Resources from Around the World

The Progress of the Elisad Gateway Project
Jorunn Moen, The Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS) and Elisad Representative

Virtual Clearinghouse on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (VCATOD): Sharing the World’s Knowledge to Improve Policy and Practice
Bette Reimer, Canadian Center on Substance Abuse

Plenary Session V Focus on Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control in Canada: Past, Present, Future
Garfield Mahood, Non-Smokers’ Rights Association

Supporting Tobacco Control Through Library Services and Information Dissemination Poster Session
Diane Van Abbe, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit

     OTRU detailed abstract