Never Neutral: Resistance, Persistence, Insistence

Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists
Association of Mental Health Librarians

2018 Annual Conference - SALIS's 40th, SALIS/AMHL's 3rd
May 1-4 · Berkeley, California, USA

In honor of SALIS's 40th birthday, the 2018 SALIS & AMHL Conference was held in Berkeley, California, home of SALIS Home! 2018's hosts were Julie Murphy of PIRE, Tom Colthurst of the Silver Gate Group, SALIS Executive Director Andrea Mitchell, and Len Levin of the Association of Mental Health Librarians (AMHL).

Our theme in 2018 was Never Neutral: Resistance, Persistance, Insistence, and presentations focused on how our work as information professionals and/or policy makers intersects with what can only be described as an assault on facts, privacy, and access to information resources. 

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As always, SALIS greatly appreciates the support of its generous 2018 Sponsors and Exhibitors!

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Available Poster and Presentation Slides

Wednesday, May 2

Saltz title slide Goodair title slide Deeney title slide Michot title slide
Why focus on community-level prevention research?
Bob Saltz, Prevention Research Center
Fake or false? How can you spot it?
Christine Goodair, St. George's Univ of London
NLM response to the substance use crisis.
Kay Deeney, NNLM, PSW Region
History of the documentation on addiction in France.
Isabelle Michot, OFDT
Reiman title slide Faltinek title slide  
Health justice in rural America: How cannabis can impact the opiate crisis
Amanda Reiman, Flow Kana
Poster: Bringing together net neutrality, rural mental healthcare, and libraries.
Amy Faltinek, Texas Tech Univ Health Sci Ctr

Thursday, May 3

Brunner title slide Antin title slide Levin/Carr title slide Levin/Carr title slide
Let's get critical: Looking in to see out.
Meg Brunner, Univ. of WA
The what is and why bother with a critical public health?
Tamar Antin, PRC, Geoffrey Hunt, ISA
The persistence to engage LGBTQ Latinx communities to reduce health disparities.
Juan Carlos Vega, LGBT HealthLink
Librarians as members of mental disorders systematic review project teams.
Len Levin, Harvard Med School, Catherine Carr, U Mass Med School

Friday, May 4

Dubeau title slide Lacroix title slide Wilson title slide Michot title slide
Reporting on addictions trends
Chad Dubeau, CCSA
The SALIS Collection: celebrating 5 years of growth!
Sheila Lacroix, Barb Weiner, Andrea Mitchell
Mental wellness in your library.
Jeremy Wilson, Southern CA Library Cooperative
Members only!
Demonopolizing mental health and addictions knowledge for clinicians in underserved communities.

Fiona Inglis, Sharon Bailey, Terri Rodak, CAMH